About us


Riverpark is a Finnish development partner that builds and secures relevant skill sets and resources to secure profitable and growing business. We implement our strategy through carefully designed business programs. For our portfolio companies we bring the necessary key resources, such as growth capital, relevant strategic skills, networks and people. Our activities are guided by strong values​​.

Riverpark is committed to operate as an active shareholder in accordance with its principles of responsible investment. When make do investment decisions and developing portfolio companies, we consider financial perspectives as well as context related to the environment, social responsibility and good governance. Target is a vital portfolio of companies as well as the long-term success of Riverpark.


Riverpark actively develops companies within selected business segments. We exist to create and provide value for the shareholder together.


We grow as a preferred development partner in selected industry sectors such Healthcare and Life Science industries as well as in Public and Safety. We invest and operate with companies that have the capacity to become leaders in their domain.  Riverpark focuses on the forces that drive long-term investment results: the impact of accelerating innovation and shifting resource availability.


Dignity and integrity
Entrepreneurship and courage
Responsibility for the development